Transparency data

MOD Government Major Projects Portfolio data, 2015

Ministry of Defence September 2014 Government Major Projects Portfolio data that supports the 2015 Major Projects Authority annual report.


MOD Government Major Project Portfolio data, September 2014 (CSV)


Each government department publishes detailed information about projects on the Government Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP). This September 2014 GMPP data is published in support of the 2015 Major Projects Authority (MPA) annual report.

The data includes a Delivery Confidence Assessment rating, financial information (whole life cost, annual budget and forecast spend), project schedule and project narrative. The MPA provides Delivery Confidence Assessments as at September 2014. The department provides an update in the narrative on progress since then.

A department may exempt data from publication under exceptional circumstances, in accordance with Freedom of Information requirements.

Published 25 June 2015