MOD contracting, purchasing and finance: e-procurement system

Release 2 of the new single online electronic procurement system for the Ministry of Defence was launched on 5 December 2016.



Details of the new online electronic procurement system, project milestones and implications for defence suppliers.

Published 19 April 2016
Last updated 26 September 2018 + show all updates
  1. Added a short section on the new contract numbering system.
  2. Updated the Contracting, purchasing and finance section and added a new exemplar email template.
  3. Updated the MOD contracting, purchasing and finance: e-procurement tool html with new information about the new tool.
  4. Updated latest news for suppliers in Guidance html.
  5. Removed the communications survey section, as the survey has now closed.
  6. Added updated guidance for suppliers.
  7. Added latest update to suppliers in the guidance document.
  8. Updates to the Contracting, Purchasing and Finance (CP&F) tool guidance and the guidance for suppliers.
  9. Added update on CP&F and letter from Stephen Lovegrove.
  10. Updated CPF tool and supplier guidance information.
  11. Added launch date update details.
  12. Updated summary with launch date for the new online procurement system.
  13. Release 2 announcement.
  14. Added Guidance for suppliers document.
  15. Go live dates and information updated.
  16. Added information about system 'go live' deferral.
  17. Added updated information.
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