Transparency data

MOD: ministerial gifts, hospitality, travel and meetings, May 2010 to December 2012

Data on gifts that ministers gave and received, their external meetings and any overseas travel.



MOD publishes details of ministers’ meetings with external organisations, gifts (given and received), hospitality and overseas travel on a quarterly basis.

Published 1 May 2010
Last updated 6 October 2014 + show all updates
  1. Amended file titles in accordance with Cabinet Office guidance.

  2. Changed title, summary and detail to conform to Cabinet office guidelines and removed 2013 transparency files which have been added to new page.

  3. Updated 'Ministers' gifts received April to June 2012'.

  4. Added returns for ministers's gifts and hospitality received; travel overseas; meetings with external organisations October to December 2013

  5. Added amended Ministers' overseas travel October to December 2010 and January to March 2011 files.

  6. Updated Ministers overseas travel Oct-Dec 2012.

  7. Added amended Ministers' overseas travel October to December 2012 file

  8. Updated "Minister's gifts received January to March 2013" and "Minister's gifts received July to September 13".

  9. Added amended files for Ministers overseas April to June 2012 and July to September 2012.

  10. Added amended versions of Ministers overseas travel Oct to Dec 2012, Jan to Mar 2013, Jul to Sep 2013.

  11. Added amended transparency for Ministers Overseas travel July to September 2012.

  12. Removed PDF files “Ministers hospitality received July to September 2012” and “Ministers overseas travel July to September 2012” as they are now out of date. CSV versions of these files were already additionally published here which have been updated today. They are the authoritive publications thereby making the PDF out of date and no longer required.

  13. The following amended transparency returns have been updated: July to September 2012 Ministers overseas travel, July to September 2012 Ministerial hospitality, October to December 2012 Ministers overseas travel, October to December 2012 Ministerial gifts received, January to March 2013 Ministers overseas travel.

  14. Added new transparecny data for Ministers' overseas travel, meetings, hospitality and gifts recieved for period July to September 2013.

  15. Added the April - June 2013 returns.

  16. Added new quarterly returns

  17. Added Oct-Dec 2012 files

  18. First published.