Medical notification: fitness to drive

Medical notification form for use by healthcare professionals.



Use the medical notification form when patients cannot or will not notify the DVLA themselves.

This form is only for patients living in England, Scotland or Wales who hold a driving licence issued by the DVLA.

The completed form should be returned to:

Medical Business Support
D7 West

Fill in all parts of the form in relation to the medical condition of your patient. Parts A and B are for your patient’s and your own details, including your signed and dated declaration that all details are correct to the best of your knowledge.

Part C of the form should be completed in all fields, please, and providing as much detail as possible regarding your patient’s medical condition.

You can send clinic letters with this notification, to help provide details of your patient’s medical condition or if you think it will aid the licensing decision.

Your patient can request copies of any medical documents held at the DVLA unless you specify in writing that releasing this information could cause serious harm to your patient.

The DVLA cannot be responsible for the payment of any fee associated with notification.