Medical guidance for DLA and AA decision makers (adult cases): staff guide

Medical guidance for DWP staff who make decisions on adult cases for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and for Attendance Allowance (AA).


This guide for staff is written with help from experts involved in patient care. It contains background information on the most common medical conditions relevant to claims for Disability Living Allowance (adult cases) and Attendance Allowance – not all medical conditions. It covers the treatment, the likely disabling effects and the likely impact on ability to self-care and get around.

Printed versions of this guide are not available.

Child cases

There is a separate guide for DWP staff who make decisions on child cases for Disability Living Allowance.

Why we publish this guide

We publish this guide to help people understand how we make decisions.

Information for claimants


You can no longer make a new claim for Disability Living Allowance for adults.