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FOI release

Maintained faith schools

A request and disclosure for information relating to state-funded faith schools in the UK.



  • Date requested: 23 June 2010
  • Publish date: 20 July 2010
  • Updated: 26 April 2012


How many state-funded faith schools are there in the UK, and what percentage is that of the total number of state-funded schools?

Furthermore, can the Department provide a break down of the different faiths which are state-funded in the UK and the subsequent percentage which these faith denominations then make up of the total number of state-funded schools?


The information requested is in the table below. This information was extracted from Edubase which is the Department’s database of schools, on 19 July 2010. Please note that this information only applies to maintained schools in England.

For information on schools in Scotland please refer to the Scottish Executive. For schools in Wales please refer to the Welsh Assembly and for schools in Northern Ireland please refer to the Department for Education in Northern Ireland.

State School
Religious Character Number %
Christian 32 0.16
Church of England (C of E) 4598 22.88
C of E/Christian  1 0.01
C of E/Free Church 1 0.01
C of E/Methodist 33 0.16
C of E/Methodist/United Reform Church/Baptist 1 0.01
C of E/RC 10 0.05
Greek Orthodox 1 0.01
Hindu 1 0.01
Jewish 38 0.19
Methodist 26 0.13
Methodist/C of E 3 0.01
Muslim 11 0.05
Quaker 1 0.01
Roman Catholic 2010 10
RC/C of E 10 0.05
Seventh Day Adventist 1 0.01
Sikh  4 0.02
United Reformed Church 1 0.01
Religious Character Number %
Christian 25 12.31
C of E 19 9.35
C of E/Christian 1 0.49
Roman Catholic 2 0.98