FOI release

LTI camera type approval corroboration

LTI mobile speed camera type approval corroboration including dates and ministerial signed approval.



FOI release 26894

  1. Confirmation of the dates when type approval was granted to the various models of LTI 20.20 speed cameras and which Home Office ministers signed the approval.

  2. For these cameras, please confirm if type approval requires recording by associated equipment, such as DVD recorders and, if so, please confirm the approved recording equipment for each model of camera, the date the approval was granted, and the name of the minister signing the type approval.

  3. If these cameras produce evidence recorded onto DVD are motorists who plead not guilty allowed to have a copy of the evidence for independent analysis of the possibility of faults.

  4. Are the LTI cameras allowed to be used without the recording of hard copy evidence and, if so, how is the CPS supposed to produce evidence for use in court.

  5. Is the use of LTI equipment authorised for use through a closed window or from a moving vehicle.

We released the information on 16 April 2013.

Published 22 August 2013