Levelling Up Fund Round 2: webinar slides

These slides were used to support the webinars that were run to provide further information and content on Round 2 of the Levelling Up Fund and have been published for further reference.



The Levelling Up Fund is designed to invest in infrastructure that improves everyday life across the UK. The £4.8 billion fund will support town centre and high street regeneration, local transport projects, and cultural and heritage assets.

Across, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, unitary authorities (including metropolitan borough councils), London borough councils and district councils in two tier areas in England are eligible to submit bids for the second round of the Levelling Up Fund which was announced at Spring Statement.

In addition to local authorities, the UK government will accept bids from a range of local applicants in Northern Ireland, including but not limited to businesses, universities, voluntary and community sector organisations, district councils, the Northern Ireland Executive, and other public sector bodies.

The Fund will run until 2024/25.

Please note, the slides and videos make reference to MPs in England, Scotland and Wales, being able to offer formal priority support to one bid in the second round of the Levelling Up Fund. Since recording, this policy has been updated and MPs can now offer formal priority support to two bids in the second round of the LUF. Further information on this change can be found in the Levelling Up Fund technical note and FAQs.

Webinar videos

Levelling Up Fund webinar: England


Levelling Up Fund webinar: Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Levelling Up Fund webinar: Scotland


Levelling Up Fund webinar: Wales


Published 6 May 2022