Public data

Published 21 August 2014

We make a range of datasets available, in line with the Data Strategy Board and the Public Data Group. We intend to add to this data, where we believe the data would be:

  • of wider public interest
  • information frequently requested
  • information that is not available from us elsewhere

Data under Open Government Licence

The following data is available for use and reuse under the Open Government Licence (OGL):

Transaction data, Price Paid data and UK House Price Index are available in a variety of formats including txt, csv and linked data. We also offer free online tools to search the UK House Price Index and create Price Paid Data reports.

Data under chargeable, restricted licences

The following data is available for use and reuse under restricted licences:

Accuracy of the data

The data published has been collected from a variety of sources as part of the land registration process. We have developed internal quality processes to help us ensure our data correctly reflects the information provided to us on registration.

We use reasonable skill and care in the provision of the data, but we cannot guarantee our data is fit for your intended purpose or use.

Our Price Paid Data provides information on single residential property sales in England and Wales, sold for full market value, that are lodged with us for registration. The data is based on information provided to us and may not reflect the true value of a property at the time of sale. We do not guarantee or hold that the data is fit for your purpose or use.

A title number is Land Registry’s reference given to an individual piece of registered land. The title provides an up-to-date record of the legal ownership of the land or property in that title. The ownership of land can be either freehold or leasehold. A single title may comprise several individual plots in different ownership and may contain multiple individual properties. These can consist of a freehold, leasehold and under leases, all or some of which, may be registered. Not all property ownership needs to be registered, and this includes leases for a term of seven years or less. A title number will therefore not necessarily show all the ownerships associated with the land or properties within that title record.

If you intend to publish or quote from the data supplied, please let us know in advance of publication.