Key stage 2 tests: demonstrate correct test administration

Advice for headteachers about demonstrating correct test administration and how to avoid allegations of maladministration during KS2 tests (often called SATs).



This guidance will be updated for the 2019 test cycle in March 2019.

Schools should ensure that everyone involved in the administration of key stage 2 (KS2) national curriculum tests is familiar with the test administration guidance.

Schools can protect themselves from allegations of maladministration by trying to avoid misunderstandings of correct test administration and by inviting observers to oversee the administration of the tests for transparency.

A school could be subject to a maladministration investigation if an allegation about the administration of KS2 tests is made. Investigations can be extremely stressful for schools and staff and can lead to changes or annulment of results for the whole cohort, groups of pupils or individual pupils.

This guidance explains some steps you can take to demonstrate correct test administration and avoid allegations of maladministration at your school.

Published 19 February 2014
Last updated 19 March 2018 + show all updates
  1. Updated for the 2018 test cycle.
  2. Updated for the 2017 test cycle.
  3. Updated for 2016 test cycle
  4. Updated for 2015.
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