Commodity supply management (JSP 886 volume 6)

This publication provides specific defence joint supply chain policy, regulation, guidance and procedures for the commodity ranges of items.

This publication was withdrawn on

The Defence Logistics Framework (DLF) has replaced JSP 886 as the authority for defence support chain policy and can be accessed through the Defence Gateway.



JSP 886 volume 6 instructions define the policy, related procedures and processes:

  • for effective management of service munitions across the full spectrum of defence
  • management of fuels, lubricants and gases (FL&G) in the MOD
  • for the demand, issue and disposal of operational ration packs (ORP) for operations and training
  • to enable the efficient and effective management of clothing, including aircrew protection and survival clothing
  • for the provision, supply, management, servicing, repair and disposal of medical, dental, veterinary and service dog materiel
  • to ensure that MOD owned or leased vehicles will be correctly registered and managed to satisfy UK legislation and MOD management and budgetary controls
  • to explain the supply accounting procedures for explosives at air consumer units

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