Operations in the UK: a guide for civil responders (JDP 02: Addendum)

Guidance for civil responders for the defence contribution to resilience in the UK.

This publication was withdrawn on

This publication is no longer authoritative and has been replaced by JDP 02, UK Operations: The Defence Contribution to Resilience (Fourth edition) published 24 November 2021:



This guide provides civil responders with guidance for the defence contribution to resilience in the UK and is designed to act as a ready guide.

It is an addendum to the Joint Defence Publication 02 (Operations in The UK : The Defence Contribution to Resilience) and contains the key elements for civil responders from this publications.

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (CCA 04) neither the armed forces nor the wider Ministry of Defence are designated category 1 or 2 responders. Therefore military support is provided on an assistance basis and is known as ‘Military aid to the civil authorities (MACA)’.

There are no standing forces for MACA tasks thus support cannot be guaranteed and, where it is provided, is likely to incur a charge. However, a role exists for the military to augment others’ responses to major incidents when the capability or capacity of civil responders has been overwhemed.

Published 1 February 2010