Electronic text file specifications for ISA annual returns

Find out how to send annual returns if you're an ISA manager.



Use this guidance if you’re an ISA manager, to find out how to submit annual returns of information:

  • by an electronic flat text file using the Secure Data Exchange Service
  • on media permitted by HMRC
Published 27 December 2013
Last updated 22 April 2021 + show all updates
  1. Information about when an ISA account represents a matured Child Trust Fund (CTF) has been added to section 6.

  2. The Type 2 record structure in section 6 has been amended to add the INVESTOR FORENAME(S) data item.

  3. An updated version of 'Annual Returns of information guidance for ISA managers' has been added.

  4. The Annual Returns of information guidance for ISA managers has been updated for 2018.

  5. New attachment added containing content changes relating to returns submitted for tax year 2017 onwards.

  6. First published.