Iron and steel import licence: how to apply

Guidance on how to apply for an Iron and steel import licence on the electronic import licensing system (ICMS).


How to apply for an iron and steel import licence


The EU limits the import of certain iron and steel products manufactured in Kazakhstan.These quotas are administered using an export/import licensing system. To import into the EU, importers will have to have an export licence issued by the Kazakhstan authorities to present to the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Import Licensing Branch with their import licence application.

The Import Case Management System (ICMS) system allows importers of goods, to make completely electronic applications for import licences, subject to BIS Import Licensing Branch import controls. This should reduce the administrative burdens on business, making it easier for them to apply. It should also speed up the time it takes to receive an import licence.

You can apply for a new import licence at You need to register on the system before you can use it, see How Do I Register for Import Licences?.

Published 30 April 2013