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IPO customer service standards

The IPO customer service standards tell you the level of service you can expect and how we are performing against these targets.


Intellectual Property Office corporate priorities 2024 to 2025


We have reviewed our service standards for 2024-25 to ensure that they continue to meet customer needs and are reported in a more standardised way.

We know how important our quality of service is to our customers.  So over the last year we have been developing a measure to assess the quality of our work. We will assess quality across the examination process in Trade Marks and Designs and searches, examinations and amendments in Patents. We are now in a position to be able to publish our quality performance and will do so on a quarterly basis from July 2024.

We are currently meeting, or exceeding, many of our customer service standards. However, unprecedented demand continues to impact timescales in some areas. We are working hard to address any delays by recruiting and training additional staff and improving the efficiency of our processes.

More detail about our activities can be found in our Corporate Priorities.

Service Standard April 2024
Information Centre
We will answer telephone calls to the Information Centre within 60 seconds. We will respond to all written enquiries within 5 working days (measurement excludes enquiries transferred to specialist teams for a direct response).
98% in 60 secs

100% in 5 days
Trade Mark and Designs Examination
We will issue the first report on trade mark and designs domestic and international cases within 10 working days from the date it is ready to be examined. An application is ready to be examined once it has been filed with us and we have issued a filing receipt.
Trade Marks:
90% completed in 9 working days

International Trade Marks:
90% completed in 9 working days

90% completed in 8 working days

International designs:
90% completed in 8 working days
Patents “Preliminary” Examination
Assessment of procedural and non-technical aspects of a patent application. We will complete all preliminary examinations 20 working days of the application’s filing date.
90% completed in 15 working days
Patent Search
We will issue all search reports within 6 months from request.
90% completed in 6 months
Patent Examination
Full substantive examination of legal and technical aspects of a patent application.
We will perform patent examinations within 42 months of the priority date.
90% completed in 48 months and 26 days
Patent Acceleration
We will deal with all requests for accelerated processing within 2 months of receipt.
90% within 2 months
Trade mark and Designs Ex-parte hearing decisions
We will issue a hearings report within 10 working days of a trade mark or design ex parte hearing.

Example of differences between ex parte and inter partes hearings.
90% of hearing reports issued in 10 working days
Inter-Partes Hearing Decisions
We will issue formal decisions in trade mark, design and patent cases within 3 months of the hearing. If no hearing takes place the decision will be issued within 3 months of all submissions being filed or the deadline date.
90% of decisions issued in 7 months and 29 days
Register Requests
We will action requests to correct names and addresses and record registrable transactions (such as a change of owner) 10 working days of receipt.
5 working days

Trade Marks and Designs:
90% completed in 6 working days
Published 9 July 2014
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