After you apply

Once you’ve filed an application you’ll get a receipt with your application number and filing date (the date your application is received).

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) will do a basic check that your application is complete and your documents are in the right format.

‘Patent pending’

You can add that you have a ‘UK patent pending’ or ‘UK patent applied for’ on your invention itself, or on your packaging or marketing materials.

You can either show the application number or give a web address where details of your invention and patent application number are clearly displayed.

If you stop your application or it is terminated you must remove any information that suggests your invention has a patent pending.

If you did not file all your documents or you did not pay when you applied

If you did not file all the documents for your application or pay filing fees when you applied, the IPO will let you know when you must send them by.

Add forms and documents to your patent application.

If your application is terminated

Your application will be terminated if you do not send the right documents, forms or payments on time. You’ll be told if your application has stopped and why.

You may be able to restart your application for a fee. You’ll be told what you must do and how long you have to restart your application if this is the case.