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IPCC Fifth Report: Working Group 1 The Physical Science Basis of Climate Change

Key points and questions about the UN IPCC's 5th Assessment Report on "The Physical Science Basis of Climate Change", which was published on 27 September 2013.



The UN’s Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published the first volume of its 5th Assessment Report on The Physical Science Basis of Climate Change in Stockholm on 27 September. The report was finalised after a four day meeting attended by delegates from 110 countries and involving a number of the Report’s leading scientific authors. The UK was represented by officials from DECC and 11 leading authors from the UK.

Climate change is happening now and greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are the dominant cause. Climate change will continue over the decades and centuries to come in the absence of significant emission reductions.

This is the most significant report from the IPCC since its 4th Assessment Report in 2007 and its assessment of the state of the climate is the most comprehensive ever written and provides a strengthened body of evidence of man-made climate change since its last major review almost six years ago. 259 experts from 39 countries reached their conclusions by reviewing thousands of published research papers. The findings are agreed by governments of the member countries.

Published 2 October 2013