Corporate report

Intellectual Property Office Corporate Plan 2016 - 2019

This plan covers our objectives for the next three years as we pursue the goals and outcomes described in the corporate strategy.


Corporate plan 2016 - 2019


This plan covers our key objectives for the next three years, and specifically our priorities for the forthcoming year. These priorities are the key activities we will undertake to help achieve the goals and outcomes described in the corporate strategy which was published in January 2016.

With this plan, alongside the five year strategy ‘Making Life Better by Supporting UK Creativity and Innovation’ we have set out a strong vision for the future of IP and our role in creating it.

The high level strategic goals that structure the plan show the breadth of what we are trying to achieve. Much of it is outward facing: serving our customers; shaping IP systems, at home, in Europe and globally; helping to sell IP abroad; providing leadership on enforcement; getting businesses and bankers to be serious about IP; and readying our young people to prosper in the IP rich future.

To deliver all this we also need to develop our organisation: supporting people to lead and make change, and modernising our technology and how we operate to make us the best and most efficient we can be.

Our Chief Executive John Alty explains what it is we’re trying to achieve this year through our Corporate Plan.

Corporate Plan

Our previous Corporate plan 2014 - 2017 is available.

Published 21 April 2016