Corporate report

The IPO 5 Year Strategy 2015-2020: Making life better by supporting UK creativity and innovation

The IPO’s five year strategy explains how we will achieve our strategic goals in support of the government’s manifesto commitments.



This strategy will set the direction for our decision making and plans for the coming years. It will also make sure we can help deliver the government’s manifesto commitments to:

  • make the UK the best place in Europe to innovate, patent new ideas and set up and expand a business; and

  • protect intellectual property

We are ambitious: innovators and creators stretch themselves in their pursuit of improvement. We must do the same to support them.

Rights registration services are central to our purpose. Indeed, transforming these services will take a significant part of our effort. But our work is about more than rights registration. If you cannot protect a right, it has no value. A business that does not know why or how to protect its Intellectual Property (IP) cannot make best use of its assets. A poor quality IP framework, whether domestic or global, is a drag on innovation. This is why we will make these better too.

To do this, we need to have an effective and efficient organisation. This means having the right skills, and that our ways of working are fit for a 21st century operation. As always, will pursue value for money and will make sure that our ambitions match our means.

Watch Minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe and Chief Executive John Alty introduce the IPO’s five year strategy below.

IPO Minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe

IPO Chief Executive John Alty

Published 21 January 2016