FOI release

Information about strike action by civil servants on 30 June

How many civil servants took part in strike action at the Department's London office on 30 June 2011?



  • Date requested: 01 July 2011
  • Publish date: 05 July 2011
  • Updated: 18 November 2011


Can the Department provide the following information:
1. How many civil servants at the Department’s London offices, excluding agency staff, were on strike on June 30;
2. What proportion of the overall workforce this represents; and
3. How many civil servants (using the same criteria) were not on strike on June 30?  


On 30 June, 184 staff based in the Department’s London office took part in industrial action.  This represents 12 per cent of all staff based at the London office and seven per cent of the total workforce. In total, 1320, or 88 per cent, of London-based staff did not take part in industrial action.

Published 5 July 2011