FOI release

Information about East Coast Main Line

Response regarding East Coast Main Line questions including subsidies, trains, future plans and the role of First Class Partnerships.



Freedom of Information request response regarding East Coast Main Line, the request asked:

  • if East Coast is making premium payments to government, or getting paid a subsidy
  • what the future entails for the agreements and payment of Class 180 Adelante trains
  • if East Coast has appointed a long term marketing agent
  • how East Coast justifies the state competing against private sector airlines, using state funds
  • how the balance of cost and revenue gain is measured considering the need to maximise premium return to the government
  • what the current plan is for inviting potential bidders for the East Coast Main Line
  • whether the role of First Class Partnerships within East Coast and Department for Transport could be explained
  • what the role of First Class Partnership is in advising the Department for Transport on train operating companies and other franchise bids