Declare cash you carry into or out of the EU

Declare cash amounts of €10,000 or more when leaving or entering the EU.


Declare your cash


If you, or people traveling with you, are entering or leaving the EU carrying cash worth €10,000 or more in total you should declare it using the cash declaration service.

This includes an amount equal to €10,000 in other currencies.

You should make your declaration online at any time from 3 days before and up to the day you travel.

Before you start

If you’re carrying more than 5 currencies, you need to upload a document with details of the types of cash (for example, notes or cheques) and amounts.

You cannot save the screen part way through filling it in, so have the following information to hand before you start:

  • the currencies your cash is in
  • how your cash is made up - for example notes or cheques
  • where your cash came from
  • how you’ll use your cash
  • who owns the cash
  • who is getting the cash
  • your passport number

After you’ve filled in the screen, submit and print it out. Keep your submission reference safe. You must show it as proof that you’ve made a cash declaration if a customs official asks to see it.

If you cannot use the online service before you travel

  1. Ask for a paper form called BOR9011 at the port or airport.

  2. Fill in and post one copy into the drop box at the port or airport.

  3. Keep the other copy for your own records.

Published 5 September 2014
Last updated 3 June 2019 + show all updates
  1. Added Welsh translation of information not form.

  2. The guidance has been updated as you need to print 2 copies of the form, one for HMRC and one to retain for your own records.

  3. First published.