Implementation of defence policy for health, safety and environmental protection (DSA01.2)

DSA01.2 details the implementation of the policy for health, safety and environmental protection (HS&EP).



DSA01.2 supports DSA01.1 (the amplification of the Secretary of State’s policy statement for health, safety and environmental protection (HS&EP)) and provides the detail on how to comply with DSA01.1.

It will be comprised of 10 chapters covering duty holding, safety culture, assessment on organisational change through to service inquiries. These chapters will be published in due course.

Published 9 November 2017
Last updated 6 August 2018 + show all updates
  1. DSA01.2 chapter 4: management of health, safety & environmental protection risk has been published at version 1
  2. DSA01.2 chapter 7 version 1 published
  3. DSA01.2 chapter 2 re-published due to a title change
  4. DSA01.2 Chapter 5: Safety Culture has been published
  5. Updated DSA01.2 chapter 3 to version 1.1 has been published
  6. DSA 01.2: chapter 3: duty holding has been published.
  7. DSA 01.2: Chapter 1: Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HS&EP) Requirements for Defence - version 1.1, Chapter 2: Defence Safety and Environmental Management System - version 1.0 and Chapter 10: Service Inquiries - version 1.1 have all been published.
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