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Implementation of Community Orders: Results from the Offender Management Community Cohort Study

The Offender Management Community Cohort Study (OMCCS) is a longitudinal cohort study of adult offenders who started Community Orders between October 2009 and December 2010.


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This report uses the OMCCS to explore the way sentences were delivered and how this varied for different types of offender, and also looks at offenders’ compliance with their sentence. This report suggest that a wide range of combinations of sentence requirements were used by sentencers to achieve the purposes of sentencing, that there was some tailoring of sentence requirements to offenders, and that sentences were being implemented in accordance with the principles of good offender management. Additional OMCCS reports including reports looking at the role of Offender Managers in Community Orders, and Community Orders with punitive requirements are available.

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Published 3 April 2014