HM Passport Office framework agreement

This document sets out how the Identity and Passport Service (now known as HM Passport Office) will work with the Home Office.



The Identity and Passport Service is now known as HM Passport Office.

This document sets out the roles and responsibilities of ministers, the Permanent Secretary,Home Office Supervisory Board, the Home Office IPS sponsor, IPS Chief Executive (including the Registrar General for England and Wales role) and the governance framework within which IPS operates.

The document outlines the operational freedoms IPS has, but it also sets out the underlying principles that underpin how it works in the Home Office. These cover key corporate processes and functions, including strategy, planning, performance and risk management, security, information assurance, human resources and other corporate services.

This framework agreement is consistent with the Home Office departmental framework, which sets out the general operating principles for the wider organisation and the duties that the Home Office has to IPS.

The framework agreement will be reviewed as necessary and at no longer than three-year intervals to ensure that it best supports the aims and objectives of IPS, the wider Home Office and the government more generally. Any variations to the framework agreement will be made by written agreement between IPS and the Home Office.

Published 7 July 2011