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HS2 Supply Chain Roadshow 2016

The HS2 Supply Chain Roadshow 2016 was held from May to July in 2016, across the UK.



HS2 Supply chain roadshow 2016 Highlights

Building HS2 is a massive long-term project and one that offers a huge opportunity for businesses throughout the UK to bid for billions of pounds worth of contracts.

As part of HS2’s Market Engagement Programme, the ‘HS2 Supply Chain Roadshow 2016’ is being held to provide small, medium and large businesses with an opportunity to find out more about the types of work packages available, understand how to get involved and how to get in the best position to win work.

The events have focussed on HS2 Supply Chain Opportunities, Health and Safety and Building Information Modelling. In addition, participants heard from HS2’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Skills, Employment and Education, Community Relations and Environment teams.

Businesses should start preparing now. We want you to get on board and play a part in delivering this nationally important project.

For further information, visit the Business section of our website or contact the HS2 Supply Chain Team at

Published 15 July 2016