Statutory guidance

HS2 safeguarding for developers and local authorities

For developers and local authorities who require further information on HS2 safeguarding.



Safeguarding directions ensure that new developments do not conflict with the construction of major projects such as High Speed Two (HS2). When properly applied they can help control costs and prevent delays.

As a developer or local authority you should view the HS2 safeguarding maps to check whether the planned HS2 route will affect a site where a new development is being proposed. You can also determine if HS2 Ltd should be consulted on a planning application for a site that is affected by safeguarding for HS2.

Please ensure you have read guidance above.

Safeguarding maps

To find out if a site for a proposed new development is within the safeguarding area please check the HS2 safeguarding page.

Published 9 July 2013
Last updated 22 August 2018 + show all updates
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