Impact assessment

HS2 Phase 2b working draft Environmental Statement volume 2: map books

Map showing the likely significant environmental effects of HS2 in different areas along the Phase 2b route.


HS2 Phase 2b WDES volume 2 map book: Leeds Station


There are 26 map books covering community areas along the entire Phase 2b route. We recommend these are viewed in conjunction with the associated area reports.

Each map book contains a series of maps relevant to the community area covering:

  • construction features and permanent features of the HS2 scheme, based on the current level of design;
  • environmental baseline information, including separate maps showing key surface water features;
  • landscape character areas and viewpoints for the landscape and visual assessment; and
  • operational sound contours and likely significant effects, based on the current level of assessment.

Map books are not provided for the 2 Midland Main Line community areas due to the earlier stage of the design.

Published as part of the HS2 Phase 2b working draft Environmental Statement.

Published 11 October 2018