Policy paper

HS2 Ltd and TUC initial framework agreement

This initial agreement sets out a framework agreed by High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd and the Trades Union Congress (TUC).



This document describes HS2 Ltd and TUC’s shared purpose and values for effective joint working.

HS2 Ltd will achieve its goals mainly through the engagement of suppliers, contractors and other providers. Both HS2 Ltd and the Trades Union Congress (TUC) believe that a relationship between them will allow for useful strategic discussion on matters concerning:

  • employment
  • development
  • diversity and inclusion
  • issues affecting those working for the suppliers of HS2 Ltd
  • delivering high standards in working practices and skills development

HS2 is an incredibly complex project with a number of distinct work packages, including, amongst others, design services, civil engineering, engineering construction and the procurement and manufacturing of rolling stock; and, following the completion of the project, the operation of a new high speed rail line.

Published 8 April 2016