HS2 Guide to Tunnelling Costs

This guide sets out the principal cost elements for bored tunnels.


HS2 Guide to Tunnelling Costs


Defining the principle cost elements of tunneling using ‘Earth Pressure Balance Machines’ (EPBM) or ‘Slurry’ machines, this guide helps petitioners understand the arguments surrounding tunnelling and HS2 (High Speed Two).

The House of Commons Select Committee for the High Speed Rail (London to West Midlands) Bill published their first special report on the 26 March 2015 and recommended the creation of this guide.

This report states “the merits of tunnels should be assessed on the basis of their own cost and potential benefit, not their percentage contribution to overall project costs. We have requested that the promoter make available a guide to tunnel costs to assist petitioners arguing the case for more tunnelling.”

You can view the Select Committee Special Report (PDF,0.67Mb) on the UK Parliament website.

Published 11 June 2015