Corporate report

HM Treasury Alignment (clear line of sight) project March 2009

This publication was published under the 2005 to 2010 Labour government

This document contains the following information: Alignment (clear line of sight) project



In the 2007 green paper ‘The governance of Britain’ (Cm. 7170, ISBN 9780101717021) the Government made a commitment to simplify financial reporting to Parliament, ensuring that it reports in a more consistent, transparent and straightforward fashion at all three stages in the process - budgets, estimates and expenditure outcomes. The Government uses budgets to plan what it will spend, presents estimates to Parliament for approval and then, after the year end, publishes resource accounts. This document sets out the Government’s proposals for achieving better alignment between budgets, estimates and accounts. It follows much consultation with the Public Accounts, Treasury, Liaison, Procedure and Modernisation committees of the House of Commons and the National Audit Office and internal and external stakeholders.

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