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Helping women from disadvantaged backgrounds make new starts

Ofsted good practice example showing how Women's Technology Training Limited helps women prepare for work, further education or training.

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This good practice example has been withdrawn as it is older than 3 years and may no longer reflect current policy.



This good practice example shows how Women’s Technology Training Limited, known as Blackburne House Education (BHE), helps women from disadvantaged backgrounds develop confidence and skills that prepare them for work, further education or training.

Social enterprises, set up by BHE, provide valuable work experience for learners in areas such as event management, health and well-being, business administration, enterprise and construction. Women are inspired by their educational experience and many go on to gain economic independence once they start their chosen careers.

This example:

  • may be of interest to you if you work for a training organisation
  • is about a provider in Liverpool in the North West region
  • shows how social enterprises can fit in with and help the local community
  • looks at health, well-being and social responsibility; leadership and management; curriculum; and how to target and reach learners
  • is about provision for adult learners, empowering women, and helping those from disadvantaged backgrounds
Published 17 August 2015