Guidance on the use of fixed penalty notices: local environmental enforcement

This publication was withdrawn on 13 October 2015

This information is out of date and has been withdrawn. Read current guidance on Fixed penalty notices: issuing and enforcement by councils and Enforcement officers: issuing fixed penalty notices.

This guide sets out what Defra considers to be safe and appropriate use of fixed penalty notices and the relevant powers.



This guide has been written for local authorities that are already using, or plan to use, the fixed penalty notice powers in the Environmental Protection Act 1990; Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003; the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 and other relevant legislation.

Its aim is to explain some of the principles that underpin the appropriate use of ‘local environmental’ fixed penalty notices - how their use should be planned and managed, on what basis they should be issued and when they should not, and importantly, how the non-payment of fixed penalty notices should be monitored, managed and dealt with.