Research and analysis

GDA of Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Ltd’s UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor: final assessment reports

Detailed assessment of Hitachi-GE’s UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor: updated and final series of assessment reports.


AR01 management arrangements

AR02 strategic waste management

AR03 best available techniques

AR04 gaseous waste

AR05 aqueous waste

AR06 solid waste and spent fuel

AR07 sampling and monitoring

AR08 generic site description

AR09 public dose

AR10 non-human dose

AR11 other environmental regulations

Independent dose assessment


The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales have published 11 updated assessment reports and an independent dose assessment alongside their decision document.

In reaching their decision, they have identified 17 assessment findings. They expect future operators to address the findings during the detailed design, procurement, construction or commissioning phase of any new build project.

There are no unresolved generic design assessment (GDA) issues.

Read these assessment reports with the decision document, summary document and statement of design acceptability.

Published 14 December 2017