Independent report

Galvanising the NHS to adopt innovation

Assesses the practicality of recommendations from the Accelerated Access Review interim report.



This report follows a consultation with main stakeholders about the practicality of measures and incentives proposed as part of the Accelerated Access Review.

These proposals were:

  • a new fund to encourage Academic Health Science Networks and other innovators to lead system redesign and embrace the adoption of evidence-based, high-impact innovations
  • mobilising the influence of clinical system leaders to champion change
  • encouraging secondary care organisations to take on ‘innovation champion’ roles linked to financial incentives and a new emphasis on accountable care organisations.

The Department of Health and the Wellcome Trust, in cooperation with NHS England, asked RAND Europe to carry out the study. It was funded by the Wellcome Trust and forms part of the evidence that will inform the Accelerated Access Review.

Published 22 March 2016