Corporate report

Framework document

Our Framework Document sets out our legal status and responsibilities.



Her Majesty’s Land Registry (referred to in this document as Land Registry) has been a non-ministerial government department since 1862. It was established as an executive agency of the Lord Chancellor in 1990 and as a Trading Fund in 1993. In July 2011 it was announced under the Machinery of Government changes that Land Registry would move to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. As part of these changes Land Registry became a founding member of the Public Data Group (PDG) alongside Companies House, Met Office and Ordnance Survey. The PDG seeks to develop existing best practice around the availability of publicly owned data.

This Framework Document replaces the previous version from 2008 and is a new statement of Land Registry’s legal position. It sets out the governance arrangements, which are already in place, and explains the financial and business management of the department.