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FOI responses published by MOD: week commencing 7 September 2015

Ministry of Defence (MOD) Freedom of Information (FOI) responses published during the week commencing 7 September 2015.


Size of the Royal Marines as at March 2014

Royal Marines budget

Metric size of MOD property in Bristol

Request for Project cleansweep completion report

Contract agreements relating to the supply of gas, electricity and water for property on DIO land

Sexual offences which are defined as historical

Embedded UK personnel at Ramstein air base

Attachment: The Army Pensions Warrant 1977

RAF long range bombing

Attachment: Licence to trail or drag hunt on MOD land

Patrol reports from the Borneo Conflict 1960 to 1964

Cadet Force Programme 2020 (exemption)

Inquiry into Royal Navy student death in January 1995

Inquiry into the Phantom XT876 accident on 10 January 1972

Korean war files held by MOD


Ministry of Defence (MOD) Freedom of Information (FOI) responses published during the week commencing 7 September 2015.

Published 8 September 2015
Last updated 20 May 2016 + show all updates
  1. Republished Porton Down Service volunteer programme with correct redactions.
  2. Added FOI's for Files delivered to "The National Archives" by MOD in 2014/2015 and proposed to the TNA for 2015/2016, Korean war files held by MOD, Business appointments prospective employers and number of applicants.
  3. Removed FOI response regarding Porton Down volunteer programme as needs to be revised.
  4. Added FOI response for Inquiry into Royal Navy student death in January 1995 and Inquiry into the Phantom XT876 accident on 10 January 1972.
  5. Added new FOI response - Amount of money the armed forces have paid out in Employment Tribunal awards or settlements, over the last 10 years, to female service personnel who claimed that they were victims of sex discrimination by year.
  6. Added new FOI response - Cadet Force Programme 2020 (exemption).
  7. Added new FOI responses - MOD civilian and military personnel language proficiencies, Number of South Atlantic medals issued since 1 October 2014 to 16 February 2015 and number under assessment and preparation for despatch as at 16 Feruary 2015, Patrol reports from the Borneo Conflict 1960 to 1964 and Meeting between Commercial Shipping Services (CSS) and Cost Assurance Analysis Services (CAAS) on 13 September 2013, Request made on 26 September 2013 as part of a contract review that a sentence should be put back into the Veterans UK Handbook for Examining Doctors, No non-employees of the Ministry of Defence received payslips, P45s and P60s from the Minsitry of Defence stating the Ministry of Defence as their employer and Information on the death of a Fleet Air Arm pilot following the crash of a Sea Vixen aircraft on 17 March 1966.
  8. Added new FOI responses for copy of drag hunting and trail hunting agreement and licence between MOD and Masters of Foxhunting Association, income from commerical renting of MOD's Standford training area 2010 to 2015, farms on salisbury Plain Training Estate sold or to be sold directly tenant farmers.
  9. MOD's policy and training of military personnel in relation to interaction with child soldiers, number of positive drug tests for the navy, army and airforce, cost of one weeks training for a Battlegroup, six infantry battalion exercises in BATUK, 5 Battle group exercises in BATUS, the RAF participating at Nellis AFB and Exercise Joint Warrior.
  10. Added new FOI responses for embedded UK personnel at Ramstein air base, parachute badge the Submarine Parachute Assistance Group (SPAG) are elgible to wear, vaccinations without the enzymne/protein Nagalase given to service personnel in the First Gulf conflict, MOD spend on boarding school education to children of service personnel, legal authoriy for the exclusion of 'condoned service' for those who transferred from GPS to AFPS 75 under Gurkha offer to transfer (GOTT), Gurkha offer to transfer (GOTT) and calculation of Gurkha Pension Scheme (GPS) reckonable service, RAF long range bombing.
  11. Added new FOI responses for checklists and manuals for RAF Typhoon pilots on sorties, number of service personnel awarded AFCS payments, number of 2015 ISS VERS scheme applications received, nNumber of ex-RAF(M) LEPs who are receiving a British Services Pension, copy of the correspondence designating RAF Fairford and RAF Mildenhall as en-route mobility operations hubs, schools and colleges visited by the army, navy and RAF, number of investigations into allegaions of historic child sex abuse in the RAF, Royal Navy and the army, team building exercise days MOD, number of service personnel who declared their sexual orientation, Porton Down Service volunteer programme, Gurkha offer to transfer (GOTT) services credits value after transfer to the AFPS, copy of correspondence that confirms distribution of the GOTT pension policy instruction, details of MOD contract 'Provision of site protection services at sites in the UK'.
  12. Added new FOI responses for request for the underlying data paper 'Intergenerational Equipment Cost Escalation (IECE)', companies names and addresses who submitted a pqq for the Exeter: Personnel-training services 2014/S contract, annual cost of storage of serving personnel's household, Number of MOD Police officers who received a criminal conviction or were charged and resigned, Typhoon aircraft in storage being utislised for spare parts, request for all correspondence between the Navy, army, RAF and specified primary schools in England and Scotland, formal qualifications for the post of 'Vessel Traffic Service Movements Manager' in the Portsmouth Queen's Harbourmaster's office, sexual offences which are defined as historical, copy of the MOD authority and all correspondence to reduce the service factor for disability pensioners by 1%.
  13. First published.