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Fishing quota allocations for 2021 for England and the UK

Fishing quota allocations for 2021 for England and the UK



The landing obligation continues to apply in UK waters under retained EU law. UK fishers have access to scientifically justified exemptions to support compliance with the landing obligation. These exemptions allow a limited level of discarding, for certain stocks, in certain fisheries.

For 2021, the UK method for calculating Total Allowable Catch (TAC) deductions, was the same approach used in 2020. The method was applied only to UK data to determine a percentage deduction from the UK share of the 2021 TACs. When this percentage deduction is applied to the 2021 UK TAC shares, they will be reduced by the estimated quantity of exempt discards that will be generated by the UK fleets under the exemptions in place in both UK and EU waters in 2021.

For a list of the exemptions in force in UK waters in 2021 please see our page on Technical Conservation and Landing Obligation rules and regulations 2021. When operating in EU waters, UK vessels will be able to make use of all exemptions set out in the 2021 version of the EU North Sea and North Western Waters Discard Plans if they meet the conditions of the exemption.

For a list of the total percentage TAC deductions for exemptions in force in 2021 please see the UK Quota Management Rules (QMR) for 2021. The UK QMR also summarises the approach for calculating the TAC deductions.

Further details on the approach for calculating the TAC deductions can be viewed in the additional guidance

Information about allocations is available for:

UK England 10-metres-and-under pool, non-sector pool and producer organisations by fisheries administration Allocations for 2018 and 2019 are also available.

Published 23 April 2021
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