Firefighters’ pension scheme 2015 calculator: final scheme design

This calculator is for working out how the new firefighters’ pension scheme 2015 will affect you.



This calculator is based on the final scheme design as laid in Parliament on 28 October 2014.

The scheme design provides enhanced early retirement factors for active scheme members who retire from age 55. These members will have their pension reduced on an actuarial basis calculated from the scheme’s normal pension age of 60 rather than the individual’s state pension age.

The table below sets out the reduction that would apply at different ages if the factors were calculated today. Also included for reference are the current actuarial reductions in the 2006 scheme.

  2015 scheme revised design 2006 scheme
Accrual rate 1/59.7th 1/60th
Reduction to be applied if pension taken from age exactly:    
59 4.8% 27.5%
58 9.5% 31.1%
57 13.9% 34.4%
56 17.9% 37.6%
55 21.8% 40.5%