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Final Report of the Government's Women and Sport Advisory Board

The Women and Sport Advisory Board has published a Report with Recommendations to maintain progress in Women’s Sport



In summer 2013, the Government established a ‘Women and Sport Advisory Board’ in order to engage more strategically with the sectors that influence the sporting landscape.

The Board met for the first time in September 2013 and has since been meeting quarterly to share ideas about strategies for furthering the Women and Sport agenda.

Each Board member has committed to raising the profile of women’s sport within their area of expertise and as a group they have advised and informed the Government’s work programme on women and sport.

The Board published its interim report on 30 October 2014, to coincide with the Women’s Sport Conference held at Lord’s Cricket Ground. This final report builds on the interim report, and it is recommended that you read both reports together.

The aim of this final report is to present a final overview of the Board’s work and highlight some of the progress that has been made in women’s sport since summer 2013.

The Board has also provided some suggestions for future action around women’s sport, based on their own extensive experience and insights in this area.