Independent report

Evaluation: Security sector accountability and police reform programme

To what extent SSAPR interventions have contributed to 4 changes in security in SSAPR pilot cities as well as how and why SSAPR has (or has not) contributed to change.



The Security Sector Accountability and Police Reform (SSAPR) programme was a 5 year programme funded by DFID. Established in 2009, SSAPR intended to assist the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in laying the foundations for the re-establishment of the rule of law by supporting the creation of accountable and service-oriented security and justice institutions able to improve safety, security and access to justice for Congolese citizens.

The programme was designed as 4 separate but complementary components to achieve these goals:

  • the police support project (PSP)
  • control and coordination of the security sector (CCOSS)
  • external accountability (EA)
  • monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

All components were managed independently; each was designed to target different Congolese actors and to empower them to work together to improve the public sense of security in the programme’s 3 pilot cities (Bukavu, Kananga and Matadi) as well as at the national policy level.

Published 27 October 2016