Research and analysis

Evaluation of the young apprenticeships programme: outcomes for cohort 3 - final report

Details on the outcomes and achievements of the third cohort of participants on the young apprenticeships programme.



The young apprenticeship (YA) programme was established in 2004 to provide 14- to 16-year-olds with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in a specific vocational area and achieve a relevant qualification.

For the third cohort of the YA programme, around 130 partnerships between schools, providers and other relevant organisations were established which were headed by lead partners.

This report examines the outcomes for the third cohort of participants and explores their achievements on the YA programme and overall, and their destinations following completion of their YA course. It aims to assess the extent to which the YA programme has fulfilled its national aims and objectives and to inform future policy.

Published 15 November 2010