Research and analysis

Evaluation of the phonics screening check: first interim report

This first interim report sets out the findings from an evaluation of the phonics check.


Topic note: 2012 phonics screening check


Since the 2010 schools white paper, there has been a clear commitment to ensure that the teaching of phonics is firmly established in the first years of school. This is supported by the core criteria for phonics programmes and also by a stronger focus in Ofsted inspections.

This report provides an overview of participating schools’ phonics teaching practices and the implementation and emerging impacts associated with the phonics screening check.

It draws on data collected from case-study interviews with staff in 14 primary schools and baseline surveys of 844 literacy coordinators and 940 Year 1 teachers in schools. Data collection commenced the week following the administration of the check in June 2012.

Further interim reports will be produced as the evaluation continues, culminating in a final report in Spring 2015.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Phonics teaching
  • The phonics screening check
  • Conclusions
Published 20 May 2013