Independent report

Evaluation of: Improving Food Security for the People of Gaza programme

This independent evaluation reviews the progress of the DFID-funded £25.5 million programme ‘Improving Food Security for the People of Gaza’ (2011-15).



As a result of the Israeli blockade and successive Israeli military operations targeting Gaza, the last few years have seen the progressive destruction of Gaza’s economy, resulting in massively reduced employment opportunities and reduced incomes.

The majority of Gaza’s population has been pushed into poverty and food insecurity, with no other choice but to rely heavily on assistance to cover their essential needs. In terms of food security, although the market is generally adequately supplied with basic food commodities, for most households these remain difficult to afford. In 2010, 66% of households in Gaza were food insecure or vulnerable to food insecurity.

In 2011, nearly 40% of the Gazan population lived in poverty and 20% in deep poverty. These figures have not improved since 2004.

Published 14 December 2015