Essential Life Skills grant: S31 grant determination and letters

Essential Life Skills programme funding so children and young people can participate in regular extra-curricular activities in the 12 opportunity areas.



These letters to local authorities set out the payments made in the financial year:

  • 2018 to 2019
  • 2017 to 2018

The Secretary of State for Education makes grant determinations under section 31 of the Local Government Act 2003.

The Department for Education’s (DfE’s) vision is for an education system that prepares young people for life in modern Britain, regardless of their background or where they grew up.

We have invested £22 million in an Essential Life Skills (ELS) programme to enable disadvantaged children and young people, living in some of the most deprived parts of the country, to participate in regular extra-curricular activities.

These will enable them to develop essential life skills and get the best possible start in life. The ELS programme is targeting disadvantaged children and young people aged 5 to 18 across DfE’s 12 opportunity areas (OAs) during the academic years of 2017 to 2018 and 2018 to 2019.

The grant was allocated on a formula, based on pupil numbers in the 12 OAs. The funding has been disbursed through 3 separate payments to each of the OAs, spread over 2 financial years.

The 12 OAs are:

  • Blackpool
  • Derby
  • Norwich
  • Oldham
  • North Yorkshire Coast
  • West Somerset
  • Bradford
  • Doncaster
  • Fenland and East Cambridgeshire
  • Hastings
  • Ipswich
  • Stoke-on-Trent

Read about how we selected the 12 opportunity areas and the local delivery plans.

Published 28 March 2019