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Energy Trends: March 2018, special feature article - Experimental statistics on heat networks

Special feature article from the March 2018 edition of Energy trends statistical publication.



There is a new version of these statistics. View the latest version.

As part of the March 2018 edition of Energy Trends, BEIS published Experimental statistics on heat networks. Since publication, further quality assurance of the data has confirmed that third party data had been incorrectly transposed into the database. Although the number of networks affected was very small (just 17 in number), they are very large district heat networks and thus there is a sizable impact of some of the data published. The most significant update is for heating and hot water generation which has now increased from 13.0 TWh to 17.7 TWh. There were some other more minor changes as outlined below:

Table 3 data: Number of final customers, revised from 476,907 to 476,951.

Table 5 data: Heating / Hot Water Capacity (MW), revised from 19,417 to 19,362. Heating / Hot Water Generation (GWh), revised from 12,952 to 17,711. Heating / Hot Water Supplied (GWh), revised from 10,075 to 14,364.

To reflect the new values, tables 3 and 5 are now updated, along with the associated text, charts and regional generation map.

Published 29 March 2018