Research and analysis

Employer support for part-time higher education students

Follow-up study on employers that supported staff on part-time higher education courses in 2009 and 2011. BIS research paper number 119.


Employer support for part-time higher education students


This report is explores the views and levels of support employers gave to employees in part-time higher education (HE) study in 2011. This followed on from a 2009 BIS research paper ‘Employer Perspectives on Part-Time Students in UK Higher Education’.

It considers how far employer support was affected by changes in HE. These changes include increases in tuition fees, extension of loans to part-time students and the expansion of apprenticeship training. The report covers:

  • how far current employers support part-time HE study and how their support has changed since the 2008 to 2009 recession and during the subsequent economic downturn
  • the impact of higher HE tuition fees on employer willingness to provide financial support for part-time HE study
  • the links between employer recruitment and training practices and their support for part-time HE study, including apprenticeship training

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Published 16 October 2013