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EEA EFTA Separation Agreement and Explainer

Separation Agreement text as agreed between the UK and the EEA EFTA states, and Explainer.


EEA EFTA separation agreement

EEA EFTA Explainer


  • EEA EFTA Separation Agreement - The separation agreement with the EEA EFTA states (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) protects the rights of our citizens who have chosen to call each other’s countries home. It also resolves a small number of other issues arising from the UK’s exit from the EU.

  • EEA EFTA Explainer - Explanation of the EEA EFTA separation agreement.

Swiss Citizens’ Rights Agreement and Explainer

EEA EFTA Separation Agreement

Swiss Citizens’ Rights Agreement

UK agreements with the EEA EFTA states and Switzerland

Since its original publication, a limited number of minor technical changes have been made to the text of the EEA EFTA Separation Agreement, which are included in the version linked to this page. The substantive provisions of the text have not changed.

Published 20 December 2018