Research and analysis

East marine plan areas: Evidence and Issues Report

The report looks at the data used to inform marine planning decisions, and also highlights issues and opportunities for marine activities.


Overview report

Chapter 2: Evidence gathering

Chapter 4: Key activities



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The report includes:

  • evidence the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is taking account of in marine planning
  • MMO’s assessment of the evidence
  • interactions between marine sectors and options for co-location
  • emerging issues MMO needs to take account of in marine planning

The report also includes the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Scoping Report formal consultation that is required under the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive. MMO has combined the SA scoping requirements with the other material in the report to reduce the number of documents at this stage in the marine planning process.

More information on related workshops and a consultation is available on The National Archives.

Published 11 June 2014