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DWP official Twitter accounts

A list of official Department for Work and Pensions Twitter accounts.



This document lists official Twitter accounts in use by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Twitter is one of a number of social media channels DWP uses to engage with citizens, partners and stakeholders and it forms part of our digital strategy.

Read about our digital strategy and how we use social media.

Published 2 June 2014
Last updated 12 February 2018 + show all updates
  1. Added links to Jobcentre Plus Twitter accounts in north west England, central England, London and the home counties and Scotland.
  2. Added @JCPinGloucester and @JCPinEastSussex to the list of official Jobcentre Plus accounts.
  3. Added official jobcentre accounts for north-east England, north-west England, southern England and Wales.
  4. Changed @digitalDWPJobs to @DWPDigitalJobs
  5. Added @ODIgovuk and @DWPOverseas.
  6. Removed @DWPESFEngland, @DWPTechnology, @EURES_DWP, @MinisterDisPpl, @ODIgovuk and @TellUsOnce.
  7. Changed @DigitalDWP to @DWPDigital and removed @BTGSocialMedia.
  8. Published a note about Jobcentre Plus and other local Twitter accounts.
  9. Added 2 corporate entries – @carersDWP and @UJhelp
  10. Removed @AgeActAlliance.
  11. Added @AgeActAlliance.
  12. Added @ClaimPensionDWP and removed @Sheffield4Jobs.
  13. Added @SortSeparation (DWP child maintenance - section 3) and @BSDSouthernRM (Jobcentre Plus – southern England - section 10).
  14. Added (NW) – @JCPinCheshire, @JCPinManchester and @JCPinMerseyside and removed inactive accounts.
  15. Inactive accounts removed from list and new accounts added.
  16. Published updated list.
  17. Inactive accounts removed from list and new accounts added.
  18. Published updated list of DWP registered Twitter accounts.
  19. Updated list of accounts (added ESF England to Corporate list).
  20. First published.